What does Tea and Milk stand for?

We stand for quality ingredients in every cup of tea that we brew for our customers. We don't use powders, juice concentrate, artificial sugar, high fructose corn syrup and food coloring.

What is the difference between Tea and Milk and other tea or bubble tea shops?

It is our mission to nurture our community by providing happiness and knowledge one cup at a time. With that motive, we curate handcrafted Concept teas that consists of all natural and quality ingredients.

What made you get into this business?

Our passion for bubble tea and we really wanted to open one up but after research and some behind the counter work, it was less than okay to make bubble tea the way large suppliers want it done. So we decided to brew tea like how our parents, their parents and their parents' parents brewed tea, traditional. Therefore our business model is different from bubble tea and a normal tea shop because there's no category for it just yet. We are one of a kind type of concept tea shop because no one else does what we do specifically. 

What brewing techniques have you used?

We've used our advanced brewing technology which is brewed at point of sale, cold brew, phin filter brew, french press brew, slow drip and good old pot brew.

Tell us about your Homemade Signature Cream


Our signature milk cream consists of all dairy ingredients and stays on top of the tea. Once sealed, you can shake it so the milk cream and tea goes together and becomes our Signature Milk Tea.

What are bubbles?

Bubbles are tapioca in which is from the most interesting plant in the world according to BIll Gates (http://www.gatesnotes.com/Development/The-Worlds-Most-Interesting-Vegetable) casava root. Take a look at this video to check out what bubbles are - (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zccNQPH7Xe0) from the Fung Bros on youtube - they actually came by and visited us during their visit to NY!

Are you gluten free?


  1. We are gluten free except for the genmai rooibos tea because that has roasted rice in it.

Are there vegan options?

Our teas are all vegan as long as you do not put any type of dairy milk (soy and almond is available)